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Engage customers
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Employee Communication
Digitize forms
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The smartphone has changed our habits. Private web use is already 80% via smartphone and instead of sending emails, we chat on WhatsApp or Messenger. In addition, we spend 97% of our time in only 10 apps.
There are 5000 marketing messages every day. Only personalized and relevant content is considered, the rest is lost.

These are important opics for every company that deals with the new digital reality. Is that also the case with you?

We help brands develop digital relationships with their consumers. This includes customer orientation and customer experience (CX), the catalysts of digital innovation.

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Building the bridge between the physical & digital world
Create contact lists & collect customer data
Establish NPS feedback system & increase customer orientation
Automated marketing dialog campaigns
Use of promotions to activate customers
Loyalty program with gamification
None of this selection

Or do you want to set up a dialog on your website?

Is not relevant for me
Welcoming website visitors with a 24/7 chatbot
Newsletter subscription on website without annoying reCAPTCHA
Promote customer reviews, e.g. on Google
Generate leads & win customers
Design the website as a chat dialog
Automate FAQ in a chat

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We have various use cases in the areas of new customer acquisition, customer experiences, dialogue website, training, digital butler for information & instructions, event interactions and prototyping. 
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